Forensic accounting
Professional partnership financial issues
Relationship property valuations and settlements
Business structures
Shareholder agreements and arrangements

Business and share valuations

I have completed numerous assignments and these experiences encompass:

Various valuations in the SME market;

Various valuations in the owner managed business market;

Valuations to enable companies considering merger to evaluate their differences in value;

Solutions to overcome the value differences;

Valuations under the constitution of companies for exiting shareholders;

Fair value and fair market value issues;

Valuation issues arising from shareholder agreements;

Reports to various Courts as a Court appointed independent valuer.

Forensic accounting

So what is meant by forensic accounting?

In many cases where disputes arise between shareholders or partners, it is often through the maintenance of poor accounting records. In some cases, there may have been a concerted attempt prior to the dispute coming out in the open to divert or hide assets. In the worst of these cases, fraud or theft may be involved.

In these cases, considerable investigative experience is needed to trace the assets of the entity or to recreate proper financial records.

Professional partnership financial issues

I have been a member of numerous professional partnerships from time to time. Matters of fairness and equity are often difficult to address in a professional and unemotional way when you are bound up in the day to day hurly burly of the partnership where it is difficult to separate personal prejudices from the professional issues at hand.

During my time at KPMG, I was a member of the KPMG Board which was primarily charged with determining policy on matters of partnership equity that were not clear under the partnership agreement and settling equity and fairness issues.

Prior to that, I was a member of various partnerships where matters of equity and fairness arose from time to time. I know how professional partnerships operate and I understand the special issues that arise in these arrangements.

Relationship property valuations and settlements

Valuations and settlements in these circumstances are often difficult and complicated by emotive issues which can impact on clarity of thinking and decision making.

I have worked closely with lawyers by providing a financial interpretation of the matrimonial or relationship property.

When appointed on an independent basis, often I am the only party to gain a confidential perspective from both points of view which can sometimes clarify the reasons why some matters are a point of contention and these reasons can be addressed.

I have given evidence on a number of occasions in the Family Court either as an independent party or on behalf of one of the litigants.

Business structures

Much of my time in professional practice has been spent in setting up business structures that are simple to understand but operate effectively after consideration of the shareholder or partner relationships, the complexity of the business arrangements themselves and tax issues peculiar to the particular business arrangements have been considered

Shareholder agreements and arrangements

I have done much work in the area of the provision of advice to either prevent or resolve shareholder or partner disputes as to value.

Prevention can occur by proper financial input into a Shareholder or Partner Agreement where terminology is tightly defined and by ensuring that the valuation process is clearly understood by each party in the event of a dispute over value.

The resolution service is applicable where the former has not been properly done or where the agreements entered into are either ambiguous or open to unfair interpretation.