Some examples of our work

Provision of an independent valuation of a manufacturing company for the major customer to enable discussions to proceed as to whether the customer would purchase a fifty percent shareholding.

This required consideration of value for various minority interests in terms of the Constitution of the company (fair value), a clear definition of what happened to the shareholder advances, and a valuation under fair market value.

Provision of independent valuations of two manufacturing companies considering a merger.

Comment on a valuation provided to an employee for the purpose of his purchasing shares in the company. This resulted in the preparation of valuation which was used as a means to negotiate a reduced purchase to that originally offered.

Completion of an assessment of the value of a group of companies for the purposes of a relationship property settlement which were under considerable financial duress. This involved working with the financial advisers to the company and included being party to negotiations with Inland Revenue Department and various financiers to ensure the continuity of the group and to enable the assets to be effectively divided between the parties and that each division of assets was properly and effectively funded going forward.

Completion of an assessment of value of various trust assets in relationship property proceedings, liason and communication with legal advisers, negotiations to achieve an agreed valuation and split of the assets, and eventual resettlement of the assets into new trusts for the benefit of the respective parties.

An appointment by The High Court for the purposes of settling a shareholder dispute as to value by valuing the assets of a group of companies so as to either achieve a settlement by distribution of assets between the parties or if this was not able to be achieved, to then sell the assets and distribute the proceeds in accordance with the valuation outcome.