What I Do

I operate in the small and medium enterprise (SME) business market and primarily in the area of owner managed and family businesses.

I provide independent advice on business values and/or shareholding values; business structures; shareholder agreements; sale and purchase agreements; I also operate in the area of shareholder disputes as to value and that may arise between unrelated shareholders or be as a result of matrimonial proceedings where there is a need for the parties to agree on a value so as to separate their interest.

Much of my work is project or one-off and I generally provide a fee range prior to commencement so that the client doesn’t get any surprises as to cost.

Experience & Skills

I have operated in the SME market for the last 40 years as a partner in various accounting practices.

In April 2004, I established my current practice.

Prior to April 2004, I was a partner in KPMG for 15 years and prior to that was a partner in predecessor firms to Ernst and Young and Grant Thornton.

I have good communication skills and have spent many years in assisting clients to deal with the day to day problems that businesses face.

I have had a number of Court appointments to provide advice or valuations to assist in the resolution of value differences.

I can be independent to any existing professional relationship so that an existing advisor is not compromised by having to choose between one or other party where they may forever compromise any ongoing relationship so that eventually the client is lost.